Why Your Website Is Turning Off Your Customers

March 22, 2016

Web Hosting Toronto - We Can Help Your Business

Do you have less traffic than before or you just created your website and barely have any traffic? There’s no need to panic, you can find many issues that can lead to this, and they can range from a lack of mobile optimization to a slow host. Some of these issues can be solved with ZoneCloud.net website hosting in Toronto, so do not hesitate and ask for our help immediately!

Slow loading speed

A slow website speed will definitely draw customers away from your site. No one likes a site that doesn’t have a good speed so make sure that you spend your time wisely and get the best possible results. You always have to remember that investing in a good host will give you a great ROI, and here at ZoneCloud.net we are offering you all the necessary tools that will help you obtain incredible results and an astounding experience. Check out our cloud hosting package to get a better website speed!

Lack of mobile optimization

There’s no denying that not having a mobile version of your site can harm your rating and conversion rate, so make sure that you do all you can in order to optimize your site properly. A responsive website design can bring you an astounding set of results and if you combine it with a reliable website hosting in Toronto such as the services offered at Zonecloud.net, then you can indeed obtain an amazing experience.

Low image quality

Images also help with conversion so you should focus on getting a very good image quality all around. Make sure that you get some good images for your site and always focus on HD quality or even 4k if possible because images can draw in customers.

Keyword stuffing

This is a no brainer, you just can’t have a lot of people visiting your site if your content is bad and just integrates keywords. The idea is to help people by solving their problem, if you have a site just for the sake of having it, then you just can’t obtain the outcome you want. Invest in good copy and avoid keyword stuffing as well as duplicate content or any other similar practices.


Be it in your content or on your website, clutter will never do you any good. Make sure that the content is readable and that your website is very easy to visit, because that’s exactly what you want to access. It’s all about quality and if you do offer a quality experience to your users the results will not cease to appear in the end, which is what matters the most.

If you want to give your customers the best results and a quality user experience, we recommend you to follow these ideas and also contact us right now. With ZoneCloud.net website hosting in Toronto you can obtain incredible results, a stellar exposure in the online world and astounding results, so you should definitely keep that in mind!