Tips To Improve Your cPanel Security

March 22, 2016

Tips To Improve Your cPanel Security

Hosting security is essential and here at website hosting in Toronto we place a lot of emphasis on delivering great results and securing the overall hosting process at all times. But once you get a good cloud hosting package or even opt for a shared hosting package, you will need to focus on the security of your cPanel as well.

Add a secure password

There’s no denying that the cPanel password needs to be as complex as you can so try to make it very hard to access. A good password manager will help you remind yourself about the password so you should totally create a good, reliable and protective password. Make it as long as possible but try to remind yourself about it when you can.


Antivirus, firewall and anti-rootkit protection is very important if you want to maintain your cPanel safe. It might not sound like much at first but these tools can help you remove most of the issues that appear in the end so you should totally check it out!

Secure SSH

A secure SSH will provide you with secure and remove server access and this is very important. Even if the command line interface is basic, it’s offering you a great way to access the website securely and it will definitely improve the overall cPanel security which is what matters the most in the end.

Update your cPanel

Updates are important for all pieces of software and cPanel updates are also essential. They can help offer security enhancements as well as bug fixes so you should definitely focus on getting these as soon as they appear.

Brute force protection

The cPanel can be very vulnerable most of the time so a very good idea here is to enable the brute force protection. It allows you to obtain an incredible set of results and it does offer you an astounding user experience in the end, which is what matters the most. Just check it out and you will not be disappointed!

Disable the anonymous FTP

Anonymity equals security risks and it’s a good idea to disable the anonymous FTP in order to increase the cPanel. This is a great step to perform and one that will offer you great results.

Perform Apache and PHP security practices

Add the latest PHP and Apache versions and also ensure that you don’t use any scripts that can be malicious. It’s a hard thing to determine which scripts are malicious or not so make sure that you use the scripts from third parties that are trustworthy and legal.

In the end, cPanel security is all about disabling the stuff that can harm your site and focusing on results. With website hosting in Toronto we are offering you the best cloud hosting package which includes an amazing cPanel security and plenty of extraordinary features, so do not hesitate and give our services a shot as you will not be disappointed!