The Simple Guide To Avoiding Google Panda Penalties

March 22, 2016

Simple Guide To Avoid Google Panda

Google Panda is one of those things that many website owners are scared about, mainly because it can bring in front some very bad results. The idea is to focus on understanding what makes you susceptible to Google Panda penalties all so that you can address the situation as fast as possible.

Focus on readers

See what readers want and deliver content for them. Remove keyword stuffing, bad links and stuff such as outdated SEO practices because no one wants that and Google will penalize you. Instead, focus on doing everything with the user in mind as that’s the most important thing. Do that immediately and the results will definitely impress you in the long run.

Add better hosting

Hosting speed and quality can indeed affect your website so it’s crucial to focus on upgrading the overall quality of your website host. Remember that you are in complete control at all times so you can always migrate to a new host if you see that your SEO is bad due to the website speed. offers you a stellar hosting in Toronto package that will help you boost your business. Don’t hesitate and contact website hosting in Toronto now to get the best results.

Upgrade the low quality content

If you have low quality content then you will have to suffer for sure so the idea here is try and find the best possible content writers or write it on your own. Settle only for a very high quality and remember that you get what you pay for.

Remove duplicate content

Panda is all about removing duplicate content because that doesn’t bode well with the regulations. On top of that, it can be very bad for your user base as well so do not hesitate to remove duplicate content if you have the possibility, only good stuff can come out of it.

Always focus on website speed and experience website hosting in Toronto delivers the best website hosting packages. Use this as the best option for your hosting and remember that you do everything for your users. If you do not increase the website speed they will migrate to other sites that offer them better speeds to begin with, so it’s all about maintaining your audience and getting the best return on investment.

Google Panda is a demanding algorithm but if you stand by the rules that Google has, you won’t have a problem. Make sure that you spend your resources and time wisely in order to cater to the Panda rules. Improve your website hosting as fast as possible and contact Zone Cloud website hosting in Toronto right now as that is very important. Remember that only with a reliable cloud hosting package or website hosting package will you be able to achieve great results, so contact us right now and we will be more than happy to assist!