cPanel 10
All about the cPanel control panel and how to best use it to control your own hosting account.
Domains 4
Information about domain name system are covered here.
Email Questions 19
Everything you ever wanted to know (maybe even a bit more than that) about email, how to troubleshoot it, and how to use it with your account.
Front Page Questions 17
Information about the Front Page Extensions and how to use, troubleshoot, and repair them.
FTP Questions 9
Enter the wonderful and exciting world of File Transfer Protocol here.
Getting Started 12
Some basic things to get started
MySQL Questions 8
You can learn how to use it here.
WHM 12
Information about basic configuration in WHM (Resellers Only)

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Do you support ASP?
No we don't. We find that ASP is best suited to a Windows hosting environment. We only run Linux...
How do I add an Apache handler?
Click on the “Apache handlers” link in cPanel. (under the 'site management header.) 2. Enter...
Is there a secure https login for cPanel?
Yes, there is. Try: or:
What is a Remote Access Key?
WHM provides you with a Remote Access Key for allowing 3rd party scripts to access your WHM on...
How do I change the outgoing mail port in outlook 2000?
Go to 'tools', then 'email accounts'. Select 'view or change an existing account'. Select...