Walton Financial

Walton Financial Group is a full-service financial planning and advice company based in Barrie, Ontario. Founded back in 2008, the company quickly won the hearts of hundreds of clients all across the province. As the next step in Walton Financial’s expansion process, it was time to build a brand-new website with the goal of bringing even more leads through online channels. At ZoneCloud, we have created a custom website for Walton, populated it with new, fully-optimized content, and saw astonishing results within only a few months.

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To launch a brand-new website with zero keyword history and get into the top of SERPs quickly.


ZoneCloud’s expert web design and development team has created a new custom website for Walton Financial. Not only beautiful, the website is incredibly functional, featuring easy navigation, responsive design, and outstanding user experience. When viewed from mobile devices, the website looks and functions just as great as when viewed from a personal computer, - all thanks to its complete mobile optimization.

When building the website, we took into consideration the specifics of Walton Financial’s area of business. As such, we have included separate pages for the multitude of the company’s services, built a separate section for client testimonials, and featured a number of convenient financial tools. To accommodate future content marketing needs, we have included an easy-to-use blog section, where Walton Financial can share their latest news, tips, information, and other resources.

While our web development team was working on perfecting the website, our content marketing specialists were busy with market and keyword research. Walton Financial had a goal of targeting a very particular market segment: older individuals who are well-established financially. As such, our marketing team has created a set of carefully-planned and implemented content pieces aimed to attract specifically Walton Financial’s target audience, within the Barrie geographic area.

Once the content was ready, it was optimized in accordance with the best Search Engine Optimization practices and published on the new, beautiful Walton Financial website. Now, was the moment of truth: will a new website with no keyword history be able to get into the top of Search Engine Results Pages?


Thanks to ZoneCloud’s functional web design, as well as technical and on-page SEO efforts, the Walton Financial website was able to reach the top-three positions on Google within only six months. The new website already has over 876 visitors per month, - an impressive number that we expect to grow further over time.

As of October 2023, only six months since Walton Financial websites’ launch in March 2023, the site is ranking for the following keywords:

  • Financial Advisor Barrie: #1 Organic
  • Investment Advisor Barrie: #1 on Maps, #2 Organic
  • Retirement Planning Barrie: #1 on Maps, #4 Organic
  • Financial Planning Barrie: #1 on Maps, #1 Organic
  • Disability Insurance Barrie: #3 on Maps, #1 Organic
  • Life Insurance Barrie: #7 Organic
  • Employee Benefits Insurance Barrie: #2 and #3 Organic
  • Pension Commutation Barrie: #1 and #2 Organic
  • Traffic increase by 569 since the launch of new website
  • 252 leads generated per month
  • Organically ranking in top 3 results for majority of keywords

240+ leads generated per month

220% traffic increase since the launch of new website

Organically ranking in top 3 results for majority of keywords