Body By Craft is one of the top destination plastic surgery clinics based in Miami. Being in business for many years, Dr. Craft was looking to redesign his website, share more detailed information about the provided services, and generate more leads online.

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To increase online visibility, generate more organic traffic, and increase website authority score.


When it comes to the field of plastic surgery, potential clients are looking for an attractive and informative website and a service provider they can trust.

We have given Dr. Craft’s website a complete remodel, with a separate service page for each procedure and treatment offered. Our SEO team has conducted thorough market research to determine the optimal keywords to target, and our expert writers have created unique, SEO-optimized content for each page.


As a result of unique, SEO-optimized content, Body By Craft saw a spike in website traffic resulting in 2.3K monthly visitors across North America. The beautiful design and user-friendly functionality of the new website has led to higher conversion rates, totalling 13.2%.

Finally, consistent, high-quality content marketing efforts meant that Google recognized Body By Craft as an industry leader, assigning it an excellent authority score of 67, which, in turn, further improved keyword rankings.

 2.3K monthly visitors

13.2% conversion rate

67 authority score

From The Client

“At our clinic, we offer a number of plastic surgeries and procedures to clients in Miami and beyond. We simply weren’t sure how to market all of them at the same, what to focus on, and where to start. Luckily, the guys at ZoneCloud took care of our website redesign, content creation, and marketing efforts from A to Z, explaining everything along the way. We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!”